Ali Atshani


“Loteria” Will Be Screened at an American Film Festival

The movie “Loteria”, directed by Ali Atshani, will be screened in the competition section of the 29th Annual Twin Rivers Media Festival. American Brightlight Film Productions […]

Paper Dream Will Participate at Texas Film Festival

“Paper Dream” will participate in the competition section of The South Texas International Film Festival in the U.S.. According to American Brightlight Film Productions, “Paper Dream”, […]

Masoud Kimiai as the producer of the Iranian director’s third film in Hollywood

Masoud Kimiai will be the producer of Ali Atshani’s third Hollywood film. According to the Hollywood News Press reporter, Ali Atshani, a well-known Iranian director who […]

Loteria, Ali Atshani’s Second Film in Hollywood

Ali Atshani will make his second film in Hollywood. According to IMDb and American Brightlight Film Productions, filming the feature film, “Loteria” starring cast and crew […]