A Comment on “Wishbone”, produced by Homayouni Brothers

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A Comment on “Wishbone”, produced by Homayouni Brothers

Amercian Brightlight Film Productions – After the nominations of different sections of the Wind International Film Festival were determined, I was curious to see some of the feature films. One of the movies whose teaser was interesting to me was the movie “Wishbone” directed by Ali Atshani and produced by Sadra and Kasra Doroudian Homayouni from Iran. The movie was said to be based on a real incident in Iran. I saw the movie in the movie theater and for several days, this movie occupied my mind. I was curious. That’s why I tried to communicate with its director through social media. I sent several messages but did not receive an answer. I sent a message to the producer of the film, Sadra Droodian Homayouni, and after half a day, I got his answer and I was able to make an appointment with him and talk to him and his brother on the phone about the production of this film.

Contrary to my imagination, Sadra and Kasra Drodian Homayouni, who are the investors and producers of this film, are very young, and I don’t know why I thought in my mind that the producer of this film must be at least sixty years old ! Maybe because of the maturity and experience that was evident in the production of the film. In the conversations I had with these two young producers, I became more interested in this film than before. I understood that in Iran, it is very difficult to make movies with criminal themes and you have to get permission from different institutions and this monitoring continues until the end of the movie screening.

Sadra Droodian Homayoni said that they spent more than a week and spent a lot of money to make the final scene of the film, which is really an impressive and shocking scene. I couldn’t believe that the scene I saw was a set because it looked very natural. When I talked to him about the selection of actors and their wages, I found out that all the costs of this film, which was a relatively expensive film in Iranian cinema, were paid by Homayouni Film House Company, which is owned by the same two brothers, Sadra and Kasra Doroudian Homayouni. It has been provided and I was surprised to hear the price of the actors’ wages in relation to the film’s budget. Really, what courage did these two brothers have to produce such a sensitive subject in a country like Iran, where the strictness of film production is said a lot.

According to Kasra Doroudian Homayouni, when I spoke with him, the number of filming sessions for this film was about 60 days, and interestingly, he and his brother confirmed that they have been with the production team since the script was written. When work is done professionally in any field, the result will be ideal and effective. Whether it is a construction engineering or design or any other work. The result of the intelligence, boldness and creativity of these two producer brothers is the result of an impressive film, which will definitely be welcomed in the cinema and I am sure that it will receive many awards from different film festivals around the world. Before talking to the producers of the film, I thought that this is a creative work of the film director, which of course it is, but now I believe that if the intelligence and professional thinking of Sadra and Kasra Doroudian Homayoni, the genius and creativity of the film producers Without them, the result would definitely not be a film of this quality. These two brothers plan to expand their production internationally in the future. I am sure you will hear much more from these two young and creative producers soon. Maybe I will publish part of my conversations with them on my page (with their permission, of course).

Dr. Sepanta

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