A reflection on the knowledge and skills of Mahmoud Atshani

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A reflection on the knowledge and skills of Mahmoud Atshani

by Saman Sadeghi Mehr

A reflection on the knowledge and skills of Mahmoud Atshani’s cinematography in cinematographic films.
It should be said without hesitation that the young generation of Iranian cinematographers are extraordinary.
Especially the fact that they are surrounded by digital technology is commendable. You should say Mahmoud Atshani, a passionate and talented cinematographer, is also in the same category. The movie”Shark” is about to be screened by director Ali Atshani, who is the seventh co-operator with this . He is a well-known director of cinema among the brilliant and different works of this director.It will be filmed.
The first one was “Hafte Makoos”, then the films “Wishbone”, “Katyusha,”Selfie with Democracy”, “Paper Dream” and “Lotria” were other works that were produced.
The cooperation and successful experiences of these operators and videographers are full of unbearable fatigue. Mahmoud Atshani when he is in every project behind the visor of the camera.He shows his abilities, which is a good indication of his claim that.The survival of a movie depends a lot on the survival of its effective cinematography.It should be stated that the filming of the brilliant movie “wishbone” is also from this rule.
There is no exception. What happens during its filming is a very beautiful event. It is intelligent and for this reason, the addressee will like it very much. From as the filming quality of the movie is at such a level that it definitely deserves it. to be analyzed and evaluated in the best specialized working groups.Basically, to understand that in “Wishbone” they are the same as “Shark” with a movie and We are face to face with modern and avant-garde cinematography, you only need to watch them for a minute.
For example, the capabilities of Mahmoud Atashini in the position of director of filming in these twoThe effect has definitely exceeded our expectations and I remember you in the first few minutes.
with semantic frameworks and also a kind of spatial construction that isultimately at the service of the story and drama.
the addressee is well placed in the atmosphere of three families and their blue life and from The sequence from the beginning to the end will nail you on your chair in the hall.
In such stories and cinematographic stories, the frame and appearance, color and light of the film must be completely to be in the service of drama formation, every videographer, even with many years of experience.Many challenges are faced to establish the correct principles and rules of cinematography.
It means something to him. A challenge that advances the story and the challenges and attractions of the case.It creates the need for the addressee. A responsibility that Mahmoud Atshani handled well with his admirable ability.
And the reason for that is that we can’t easily get past his decent filming in the mentioned movie.let’s do A well-established filmography that not only kept him captive in the abyss, but also with
Pride has been able to capture most of the young filmmakers from the self-woven cocoon.He jumps out and reveals a new thirst again.Creation of innovative postcard frames in Kose film and in enclosed spaces.The building where it was filmed, which is still open to the collective audience despite the limitations.What makes one feel good is being free and happy, in addition to the paradox that is beautiful.
The lighting has created a narrow and dark underground environment, it is worth paying attention to Shamail.It affects the outside.
It should be noted that Iranian cinema has been around for almost two decades.Social realism has fallen and half of the production works are in this genre.Therefore, presenting a realistic picture of the current situation with a focus on problems and difficulties.
Society is the manifesto of this cinema. There are few videographers who are concerned with the existing structure to leave behind and the writer and the director, cinema as what They should contact Nasib! But Mahmoud Atshani, this young videographer with a full head Shur has considerable knowledge and awareness, cinematography based on stories and riddles, the creation of heroes and interactions.Zaish knows the anti-hero very well and by standing tall beside the producers, it presents to the audience.
This is the reason that the direction of these efforts leads to the fact that the viewer Experience a different sex from the cinema. Cinema with intelligent filming Atshani, the addressee gets to know its geography.

Saman Sadeghi Mehr
Film expert and consultant
Sima Entertainment Center (Sima Film)

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