Ali Atshani will soon make his third HOLLYWOOD movie

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“Blonde or Brunette” Will Be Made by Brightlight Film Productions

Ali Atshani will soon make his third HOLLYWOOD movie

Ali Atshani will make “Stars Don’t Shine in Darkness” in Hollywood.

“Stars Don’t Shine in Darkness”, the third Hollywood movie by Ali Atshani will be soon filmed in Downtown Los Angeles.

According to schedule, filming “Stars Don’t Shine in Darkness” will start in late June with two African-American actors. All cast and crew are from the US except Majid Mirfakhraei who will serve as the set decorator. American Brightlight Film Productions is the production company of this project.

Final stages of editing and sound mixing of Ali Atshani’s latest movie “Loteria” which was made with both Mexican and Iranian cast and crew are in progress.

After being finalized, “Loteria” will be released theatrically in in the US and Europe.

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