Loteria, Ali Atshani’s Second Film in Hollywood

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Loteria, Ali Atshani’s Second Film in Hollywood

Ali Atshani will make his second film in Hollywood.

According to IMDb and American Brightlight Film Productions, filming the feature film, “Loteria” starring cast and crew from Hollywood and Mexico will begin in Mexico City.

Some cast and crew from Iran will be in this film.

Antonio Monroi, one of the most significant Mexican stage and movie actors, is the first actor from Mexico who has joined the project recently.

The director is observing the location and choosing Mexican, American and Iranian actors now.

The list of Iranian cast and crew will be announced officially in the upcoming weeks.

Atshani has already directed the feature film, “1st Born” starring significant Hollywood actors and as the producer and director of “Loteria”, it will be his second experience in Hollywood.

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